Phone Book of the Caribbean

Countries in the Caribbean
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Lodia Kpodzro de Bazarapagne, the new Coco Chanel that comes from the Caribbean in front of the Cremerie de Paris.
Bazarapagne is a young and very beautiful brand
from the +2 Telecom zone.
Designing between Lome, Togo and Paris, France
Lodia Kpodzro is
the new Coco Chanel
that comes from the Caribbean.
Tiecoura Sangare at Cremerie de Paris N°6
Tiecoura Sangare is another
young wax fashion brand
from Cote d'Ivoire.

Bazarapagne fashion show at Cremerie de Paris N°2 & N°1
see also Togo
Tiecoura Sangare Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris N°6.
see also Cote d Ivoire

Phonebook of the
is organised according
to the different IDD
(International Direct Dialing) Telephone Zones:

Phone Book of North  (+I)
Phone Book of the  (+2)
Phone Book of  (+3 or +4 )
Phone Book of Latin  (+5)
Phone Book of South (+6)
Phone Book of Russia
Phone Book of North  (+8)
Phone Book of the Middle/Far  (+9)

the secrets behind Caribbean 
the International country codes got issued in 1964,
more coming soon 

Phonebook of the includes 
Phone information 
on all Countries of the Caribbean.
Whitepages and Yellowpages,
Pagesblanches and Pages Jaunes,
Paginas Blancas and Paginas Amarillas,
Pagine Bianche and Pagine Gialle
all over the Middle East.
The best Phonebooks of the Middle East 
that are available on the Internet 
should be here.
This site also gives you 
Country Codes and Area Codes,
and Information on Directory Assistance
throughout the Caribbean.

Phonebook of the