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20,770 km² (8,019 miles²) - 5,545,000 people

Land boundaries: 1,006 km

255 km, Gaza Strip 51 km, Jordan 238 km, Lebanon 79 km
Syria 76 km, West Bank 307 km
Coastline: 273 km
Country Code +972
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Numbering Plan of Bahrain

local and national
fix numbers start
with 0 plus areacode:
subscriber number -- -- -- or - -- -- --
(6 or 7 digits)
mobile code:
number -- -- -- -
since April 2004 Mobil Phones
have a Total of 9 digits (after the 0)

international prefix: 00
(also 012 or 013 or 014 if you wish
to select another carrier/phonecompany)

calling from Israel
to Phonebook of the World
in France
0033 I 422I IIII Phonebook of the
00 33 I 422I IIII
II rue des IIaIIes
IS Ier

Israels phonesystem is regulated by
Ministery of Communications
since March 99 Palestine
has a seperate County code +970

national  144
00 972 country code

Police 101
Fire 102
Emergency 103

calling into Israel
+ 972
  - (areacode)
  -- -- -- -- (number)
example: +972 7-6711111

numbers are always 9 digits long
3 Tel-aviv (and subburbs)
4 Haîfa (et environs) ,
7 Ashkelon jusqu'à Eilat
8 Ahdod (et environs),
the country has 5 regions

map of Israel

Medinat Yisra'él
State of Israel

divided into
5  Départements

Capital: Jerusalem

Government of Israel
seat of the President of Israel
Prime Minister

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Arts & Culture
Ministry of Education

Hebrew Arabic
Yiddish, English

GNP/2000   $ 110 billion
GNP/person $ 18,900/year

home to 0/500
of the World larges companies

currency: I Schekel = I00 Agorot

national holiday
Independence Day, May 14 (1948)

Her Meron 1208 m, highest mountain of Israel
Har Meron 1,208 m

Mediteranian Coast, small access to Golf

access to the 4 neighbour countries by
west: Mediteranian Sea
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est: Phone Book of
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Golf of Aqabah leading into the Red Sea

Phonebook of Tel (+972 3) - Tel Aviv, largest city of Israel (3,100,000 people)

Phonebook of (+972 2) - Jerusalem, capital and 2nd largest city of Israel (732,000 people)

Phonebook of (+972 4) - Haifa 3rd largest city of Israel


*local Time in Israel is based on the settings of your computer's clock (Israel Standard Time)