Phonebook of Latin
Phonebook of the
Phonebook of Latin
Street Art Expo Noty Aroz in honor of El Murcielago
Noty Aroz are famous
Street Art painters.
They met when they were 6 years old
and have always been fasintad by
the Mexican divinity
El Murcielago
from the +5 Telecom zone.

The painting shows them
on the window of
Cremerie de Paris N°1
and the gate
of the historic Hotel de Villeroy,
once seat of the Royal French
Postal Services
and tody home of the
Phone Book of the World.

Discover the Noty Aroz
Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris.

El Murcielago Street Art Pop Up Expo
by Noty Aroz
show at Cremerie de Paris

Cremerie de Paris is a Telecom hotspot
since 1671.

Once seat of the Royal French Postal Services
carrying mail with horses
is was centuries later
an American Telecom Agency and
one of the first Internet Cafes, where was invented
Phone Book of the
(including Phone Book of Latin

Cremerie de Paris has
always attracted Talents
from completely different backgrounds.
Today it is an Expo Center
for Very Beautiful Brands.

Cremerie de Paris

Very Beautiful by
Very Beautiful Brands, Cremerie Pop Up Stores
and Brand Culture.

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countrycodes of Latin America
always start with

since 1968 they also include Northern Mexico
since 1972 the countires of Central America
now all* the Latin (Spanish/Portugese) speaking countires
located in the Americas have the country code
Phonebook of Latin includes
Phone information
on all Countries of Latin America.
Whitepages and Yellowpages,
Pagesblanches and Pages Jaunes,
Paginas Blancas and Paginas Amarillas,
Pagine Bianche and Pagine Gialle
all over Latin America.
The best Phonebooks of Latin America
that are available on the Internet
should be here.
This site also gives you
Country Codes and Area Codes,
and Information on Directory Assistance
throughout Latin America.


Secrets behind Latin American
The International numbering plan
got in place in I964.
Initially Mexico and some Central American Countries
were part of the "World Telecom Zone"
North America +1

8 larger countries have a two digit code,
(+51), (+52), (+53), (+54), (+55), (+56), (+57), (+58)

Brazil has the double digit, (+55).
Lobbying efforts were made
to help Brazil get this prime code.
Only 4 countries in the world have
a double digit country code.

smaller countries have a
three digit code:
the 9 smaller countries of
South America start with +59-
(+590), (+591I), (+592), (+593), (+594), (+595), (+596), (+597), (+598) and (+599)
the 8 smaller countries of Central America start with +50-
(+501), (+502), (+503), (+504), (+505), (+506), (+507), (+509)

Mexico once had the country code (+I)
in fact it is only in 1972
that British Hoduras (now Belize) (+50I), Costa Rica
(+506), El Salvador (+503),
Honduras (+504), Nicaragua
(+505) and Panama (+507)
became part of the Latin American Phonesystem

it is only in 1976 that the French Departements Guadeloupe (+590) and Martinique (+596)
got their country codes

** in 1984 Saint Pierre et Miquelon,
two French islands situated in the high North
above Nova Scotia, Canada
were remooved from the North American phone system (+I)

and got the Central American country code (+508)
all the Caribbean Islands situated a few thousand miles lower
remaining in the North American system

*also the British Falklands (in Spanish Malvinas) (+500)
 located next to Argentina, South America
received a central American code,
it would have been more logic to give them a Southern (+59-) code
the explanation is that there were no more codes left ...

for future changes
it will be difficult to react,
all 5 codes beeing presently occupied

Phone Book of the