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Cremerie de Paris N°1
Telecom Hotspot
since 1671

Royal French
Postal Services
by Pajot & Rouile
with help of
Thurn & Taxis

1987 - 2001 Sony Phones
1993 - 2005 Cybercafe

since 1999
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Cremerie N°1 goes back to the Villeroys & Bourbons

1370 - 1671
Royal Residence

1860 - 1970
milk stores at the
Les Halles food market

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Franz Taxis
181 years before Cremerie de Paris
became a Telecom Hotspot

invention of the postal service
181 years before the Hôtel de Villeroy (home of the Phone Book of the World)
become the Postal Company of the Pajot & Rouillé family

Franz von Taxis / Franceso de Tasso, founder of the Thurn & Taxis postal empire
Franz von Taxis / Francesco de Tasso (1459 - 1517)
is considered to be the founder of the
European Postal system.
The official foundation date is 1490.

Born in Italy in a small village,
Camerata Cornello near
60 km north of
he worked with his brother Janetto (1450 - 1518)
and his nephew Johann Baptista (1470 - 1541)

For the Holy Roman Habsburg Emperor
Maximilian I (1459 - 1519)
he organised a horse transport system
from Innsbruck to Brussels.
Horses are exchanged every 28 km,
mail from Innsbruck to Brussels take 5 and 1/2 days.

Brussels becomes the seat of the young organisation.
Mail from Brussels to Paris takes 44 hours
from Brussels to Blois 60 hours
from Brussels to Rome 250 hours

Franz von Taxis only child
Augustin de Taxis
becomes a member of the church,
Johann Baptista becomes his successor in the postal service.

Johann Baptista von Thurn & Taxis
Johann Baptista (1470 - 1541)
the nephiew of Franz von Taxis.
In the 2nd generation
he further developed the postal connections
in the Holy Roman Empire (including Germany).

The family controls the totaly of European Postal
connections with the exception of France.

1517 Emperor Charles Quint / Karl V (1500 - 1558)
nominates Johan Baptista
as General Postmaster.
The Habsburgs need the realibility and efficiency
of the Thurn & Taxis service.

Johann Baptista has 16 children
and is succeded
by Franz II von Thurn & Taxis (1514 - 1543).

3rd generation:

Baron Leonhard I von Taxis (1521-1612)
married to
Louisa Boisot de Rouha (?-1610)

4th generation:

Count Lamoral von Taxis (1557-1624)
married to
Genoveva von Taxis (?-1627)

5th generation:

Count Leonard II von Taxis (1594-1628)
married to
Alexandrine de Rye (1589-1668)

6th generation:
Claudius von Thurn & Taxis
Count Lamoral Claudius von Thurn und Taxis (1621-1676)
married to
Countess Anna von Horn (?-1693)

7th generation:
Eugen Alexander von Thurn & Taxis
1st Prince von Thurn und Taxis (1652-1714)
married to
Princess Anna von Fürstenberg (1658-1701)

first T&T links with Cremerie de Paris
Louis Leon Pajot and
Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis

Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis opertad his family's postal operations from the Thurn & Taxis palaces in Brussels and Francfort
8th generation:
Anselm Franz
2nd Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1681 - 1740)
lived both in Brussels and Franfurt

Thurn & Taxis Palace in Frankfurt
The Thurn & Taxis operated
from the Thurn & Taxis Palaces in Brussels
and the newly constructed building in Francfort.
Their postal territory went from
the Dutch Netherlands to Germany, Austria
and Italy as well.

and constructed the new postal
headquarter in Francfurt

Links with the Hotel de Villeroy & Bourbon / Cremerie de Paris,
home of the Phone Book of the World ...

Pajot & Rouillé / Thurn & Taxis Post CoachLa Poste / Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris in 1715
scince 1671 a Telecom Hotspot
with the creation of "La Poste",
the "Royal French Postal Services" by Pajot & Rouillé,
later French PTT,
now seperated into "La Poste" and "France Telecom".

Louis Leon Pajot operated his family's postal company from the Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris in Paris, rue des DéchargeursAnselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis opertad his family's postal operations from the Thurn & Taxis palaces in Brussels and Francfort
Their grandson
Louis Leon Pajot (1678 - 1754)
continued to develop the business
and with Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis.

They were using horses
and post relais to carry mail through Europe.

Post Roads in France around 1730, with headquaters of the Pajot & Rouillé and the Thurn & Taxis post
The Pajot & Rouillé family owned 700 post relais,
the most southern ones were located in Venice and Rome.
The "technology heart"
was the Cremerie de Paris
on the rue des Dechargeurs side
of the Hotel de Villeroy.

King Louis XV became more and more jealous
of the succes of "La Poste".
He had no control over the Thurn & Taxis
but being the King of France
he had power over
the Pajot et Rouillé family.

1738 mai 21 he withdraw the post license.
Under orders from the cardinal Fleury,
the prefet de police came in the early morning of that day
to make an end to the postal empire.

Unlike Nicolas Fouquet who also created feelings of jealousy
because of his chateau Vaux le Vicomte
the Pajot et Rouillé were not imprisonned.
They only lost their company probably without any compensation payments.
With the French Revolution trace of the family ceased.

Nethertheless the destiny of the place was to
remain a Telecom Hotspot ....

The links with the Thurn & Taxis continued through time ....

Remembering Cremerie de Paris
after the abrupt 1738 end of
it's Postal Services

Karl Anselm von Thurn & Taxis opertad his family's postal operations from the Thurn & Taxis palaces in Brussels and Francfort
Karl Anselm
4th Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1733 - 1805)
always remembered how Louis XV
has just taken the Pajot & Rouillé Post in Paris.
Under no means we wanted another king
to be able to seize the Thurn & Taxis postal empire.

Karl Anselm von Thurn & Taxis opertad his family's postal operations from the Thurn & Taxis palaces in Brussels and Francfort
Karl Anselm
4th Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1733 - 1805)
always remembered how Louis XV
has just taken the Pajot & Rouillé Post in Paris.
Under no means we wanted another king
to be able to seize the Thurn & Taxis postal empire.

A little bit of history ...
Maximlilan Karl von Thurn & Taxis opertad his family's postal opérations from the Thurn & Taxis palaces in Regensburg and Francfort
Maximilian Karl
6th Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1802 - 1871)
was the last Thurn & Taxis to be a Postmaster.
1867 july 1 the state of Prussia nationalized the
Thurn & Taxis Post.
1870 the same state of Prussia provoked war with France
resulting in the abdication of Napoléon III
and the end of the Second Empire.

Napoleon's wife Empress Eugenie also has
a lot of links with both the Thurn & Taxis
and the Cremeries de Paris
but this is another (long) story ...

Reactivating the Cremerie's
Telecom Spirit
and Johannes von Thurn & Taxis

Johannes von Thurn & TaxisJohannes von Thurn & Taxis
11th Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1926 - 1990)
knew about the Cremerie from his grandfather Albert.
Albert was always telling his young grandsons
Johannes, Anselm and Gabriel
about the fascinating postal adventures of his ancestors.

1980s Johannes and his wife frequently came to Paris.
Johannes liked contact with young people
and talked to them out of the blue.
1986, during the fashion week january he run
into a young student ....

The Thurn & Taxis Telecom stories were just fascinating.
Nobody knew such amazing stories,
even though they sounded
almost unbeleivable ...
for a student used to La Poste beeing a State owned Monopoly conglomerate.

Pajot & Rouillé / Thurn & Taxis Post Coaches crossing the Alps
And sometimes Johannes said,
you know when the horses of my great great grandfather
were carrying letters,
they were faster
and more reliable than today ...

When in Paris he always stayed at the Ritz
and like Coco Chanel he had know twenty years earlier
he walked over to Les Halles
to spend his afternoon at cafes
while his wife was attending fashion events
in Paris or New York.

This was the time for "Telecom stories".
May 1986 he showed the student
a fascinating building,
The Hôtel de Villeroy,
this was the place where is ancestors
went 300 years earlier.
It was the Telecom hotspot of the 17th and 18th century.

50 meters from the old postal building
there was a little Boutique "for sale"
Cremerie de Paris N°2 ....

They returned the next day
and the day after
and Thurn & Taxis told the young student:

"Why don't you restart a Telecom company,
with this location right next to
this ultra historic postal building it can only work.
Our Thurn & Taxis buildings from Brussels
and Francfort have been destroyed
in Paris everything is still there.
The money you need is not even what my wife
spends for an evening outfit.
I will help you ..."

"Telecom has been blocked by State monopolies,
one day these monopolies will fall
you will see the business my family once has invented
has a lot of future ..."

"At age 20 you have a lot of energy
and people will be surprised that you are still so young
this will help you ..."

A little bit of history ...

Romanov children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei
Working part time to pay for university
the student had nothing
to match the jetset lifestyle
of many people around Thurn & Taxis.

But there was one thing that fascinated Thurn & Taxis
far beyond any hollywood or night life connection.
He had a link to the Romanovs from Russia
resulting in equaly unbeleivable stories to tell ...

As a child the student had a great aunt and a great uncle
that were the young cousins
of Anastasia and Alexei Romanov.
They had both survived the Russian Revolution
and the World Wars.

Unfortunately Tsar Nicolas II, once the world's richest man,
never had the idea to open an international bank account
for them
so the great aunt made her living
producing honey as a bee keeper.
The great unclewas very shy and lived with books.
They had endless time to tell Romanov stories to children.

Anastasia Romanov knew a lot of legends
about the same Cremerie de Paris
but legends were completely
different from those transmitted
by the Thurn & Taxis ancestors.
They came from a friend of her mother ...

Anastasia Romanov
Anastasia (1901 - 1918) and Friederike (1905 - 1995)
always wanted to come to Paris
to see if these Cremeries
described to them
by the last Tsarina of Russia, their mother or aunt
really existed.
Both girls dream about coming to Paris
to make a career as an actress ...

Several movies were made about Anastasia,
the cartoon does not match réality
but it reflects the Romanov's attraction to Paris.

Anastasia's possible survival of the Russian revolution was
one of last centuries most talked about mysteries.
Thurn & Taxis had only met one of the fake Anastasias.

Unfortunately the real Anastasia didn't,
if she was still alive you can be sure
she would be around the
Cremeries de Paris all the time ...

Not only because she is the great aunt,
she would have liked the unpretentious spirit
of Les Halles where everybody joyfully mixes together.

Johannes Thurn & Taxis had met a lot of fascinating people
but except of Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)
and Aimée de Heeren (1903 - 2006)
nobody else has had such direct acces
to the Romanovs ...
And while Chanel was 43 years older,
the student was 39 years younger.

There was a lot to talk about ...

Chanel also had some links with the Thurn & Taxis
and lots of links with the Cremeries de Paris
but this is another (long) story ...

The editor of the Phone Book of the World with Aimée de Heeren the young wife of Johannes Thurn & Taxis at Regensburg Palace, december 1989
The student was constantly invited
to come to the Thurn & Taxis palace in Regensburg.

The first invitation was for a birthday party.
When he arrived he nobody,
when he left he had met
a Lady that would also play
an important role in the soon to come
restart of the Telecom activities.

The invitations were unbeleivable,
including one from Fidel Castro
to join the Thurn & Taxis for a trip to Cuba.

But as - in the meantime - the Telecom Buisness,
at the time our little Telephone Boutique - now
N°2 -
had already started,
most of the times he could not go.

So it was in the cafes of Paris les Halles
or on the phone
that most of the Telecom stories were transmitted ...

Restarting a small Phone Store
next door

Cremerie de Paris N°2 as a Sony telephone storeSony Phone IT A 550
The Postal stories were so captivating,
the student was no longer interested in studying ...
and instead, 1986,
got the small shop with plans to turn it into
a Sony Telephone Boutique.

The Boutique finally opened in 1987.

Due to a monopoly of the state owned PTT
it was impossible to sell the Sony phones,
but there was no law forbidding repairing them
nor to sell 220v power adaptors
or phone batteries.

Everybody travelling to New York or Hong Kong
tried to bring them back to Paris
and the little Boutique was the only place in town
to offer that service.

Arrival of the Internet
and Cremerie de Paris N°1
1993 Cremerie becam a Sony Technology Center progressively turning into the first Internet Cafe in FrancePhone Book of the World was invented at Cremerie de Paris N°1, once the Cybercafe de Paris
Telephones were a good business
and in 1993 it was possible to reopen Cremerie
first turning it into one an avantgarde
Chanel's friend
Aimée de Heeren gave a little help.

Before the turn of the century the cafe
was only visited by Americans travelling to Paris
where Internet was still unknown.
There were technology pioneers,
most of the times we did not even realise who they were
or who they were going to become.

Some were already a little older,
one, already mentioned before, had once been a friend of the inventor of the phone,
Alexander Graham Bell,
another one had been on the first flight to the
Under their influence were registered many spectacular domain names
and was invented, 1999, the Phone Book of the World.

coming soon
registring internet
domain names

Remaining through time ...

1993 Cremerie becam a Sony Technology Center progressively turning into the first Internet Cafe in FrancePhone Book of the World was invented at Cremerie de Paris N°1, once the Cybercafe de Paris
Two pictures of our courtyard
the first from 1699, the second from 2017.
318 years seperate the two images
but the spirit of Telecommunications is still around.

Thank you for using
Phone Book of the World.
Cremerie de Paris
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