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Phone Book of the

was invented at the
Cremerie de Paris N°1
Telecom Hotspot
since 1671

Royal French
Postal Services
by Pajot & Rouile
with help of
Thurn & Taxis

1987 - 2001 Sony Phones
1993 - 2005 Cybercafe

since 1999
home of
Phone Book of the World

Cremerie N°1 goes back to the Villeroys & Bourbons

1370 - 1671
Royal Residence

1860 - 1970
milk stores at the
Les Halles food market

N°3 - N°4
N°7 - N°8

Thurn & Taxis invented Telecom industry
a long long time ago ...
They have several direct links with
Phone Book of the World

Francesco Tasso / Franz Taxis 1490
181 years before Cremerie de Paris
became a Telecom Hotspot

invention of the postal service
181 years before the Hôtel de Villeroy & Bourbon (home of the Phone Book of the World)
became the Postal Company of the Pajot & Rouillé family

Franz von Taxis / Franceso de Tasso, founder of the Thurn & Taxis postal empire
Franz von Taxis / Francesco de Tasso (1459 - 1517)
is considered to be the founder of the
European Postal system.
The official foundation date is

taking a foodpath to arrive at the small village of Cornellovillage of Cornello in the Italian mountains
Born in Italy in a small village,
Camerata Cornello near
60 km north of
he worked with his brother Janetto (1450 - 1518)
and his nephew Johann Baptista (1470 - 1541)

village of Cornello in the Italian mountains
A museum has been created in the
still existing village,
Museo dei Tasso

For the Holy Roman Habsburg Emperor
Maximilian I (1459 - 1519)
Taxis organised a horse transport system
from Innsbruck to Brussels.
Horses were exchanged every 28 km,
mail from Innsbruck to Brussels took 5 and 1/2 days.

Brussels becomes the seat of the young organisation.
Mail from Brussels to Blois 60 hours
from Brussels to Rome 250 hours

Franz von Taxis only child
Augustin de Taxis
entered the church,
The son of his brother Jeanetto,
Johann Baptista became his successor in the postal service.

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Reactivating the Cremerie's
Telecom Spirit
Johannes von Thurn & Taxis

Johannes von Thurn & Taxis with his grandfather Albert and his cousin Anselm

11th Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1926 - 1990)
knew about the Cremerie from his grandfather Albert.

Albert was always telling his young grandchildren
Johannes, Anselm, Gabriel and Mathilde
about the fascinating postal adventures of their ancestors.
The picture was taken around 1936.

Johannes von Thurn & Taxis with Aimée de Heeren and the ditor of this website
Johannes came to Paris during the fashion week.
The editor of this article,
at the time a young student
was making some extra money working in fashion shows.
This is how he happened to meet
the great great great great great great grandson
of the old postmasters.

The fashion show meeting resulted in a lunch invitation at the Ritz.

Johannes had met wild people
like Soraya of Iran or Marilyn Monroe
but his most captivating stories
were the ones in reation
to his ancestor's adventures
operating Postal services ...

Nobody knew such amazing stories,
even though they sounded
almost unbeleivable ...
for a student used to La Poste beeing a State owned Monopoly.

Pajot & Rouillé / Thurn & Taxis Post Coaches crossing the Alps
Sometimes Johannes said,
"you know
when the horses of my great great grandfather
were carrying letters,
they were faster
and more reliable than today ...

1986 May in Paris again Thurn & Taxis showed the student
a fascinating building,
The Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon,
the place where his ancestors Anselm Franz
and Alexander Ferdinand
had been 300 years earlier.

It was one of the Telecom hotspots of the 17th and 18th century
and the only still exisiting major Telecom building
completely unchanged,
even the water fountains for the post horses are still there.

Thurn & Taxis was a little astonished
the young student also knew about the building,
but what the student knew were stories from Russia
and had nothing to do with Telecom ...

Salon de The, Boutique Cadeaux a former choose store from the les Halles foodmarket for sale in 1986
50 meters away from the old postal building
was a little Boutique with a sign "for sale" ...

Thurn & Taxis called the number on the sign
and told the young student:

"The price of this Boutique is not even half
of what my wife spends on a cocktail dress.
I enjoy that the Telecom adventures
of my ancestors interest you so much.
I should give you a few  thalers we received for our Thurn & Taxis Post
and you start a new Telecom business

Our Thurn & Taxis buildings from Brussels
and Francfort have been destroyed
but in Paris everything is still there.
There is so much history and so much energy from the past ... "

"Telecom has been blocked by State monopolies,
one of these day these monopolies will fall
you will see the business my family once has invented
has a lot of future ...

At age 20 you have a lot of energy
and people will be surprised that you are still so young
this will help you ...
Find an idea
I will enjoy to follow  the adventure ... "

1986 July the student had the key of the little Boutique
in the heart of Paris
50 m from the old Postal Building ...
This was like jumping into water ...

Used to live in a chambre de bonne and owning a bicycle
having a Boutique in the heart of the city
was quite something ...

The Telecom project was so captivating,
the student was no longer interested in studying ...

The Boutique took a bit of time to open.
An idea needed to be found
and the place needed to be renovated ...

Cremerie de Paris N°2 as a Sony telephone store
Well when you are 20 and you open a Boutique
in the center of Paris
a lot of adventures are waiting for you ....

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of Telecom history

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